Huile d'Olive AOC Provence médaille Moulin de Barbentane Ollier

The AOC Provence oil is unique in France and the appellation is only for a specific geographical zone : les Alpes de Haute Provence, les Alpes-Maritimes, les Bouches-du-Rhône, la Drôme, le Gard, le Var et le Vaucluse and for some sorts of olives :Aglandau, Bouteuillan, Salonenque, Grossane and Picholine.


The features of the AOC Provence olive oil

The AOC Provence olive oils are recognizable because of the red berries and artichokes aromas and a herbaceous taste. It is really intense on the palate.

The AOC Provence oilive oil is a high quality oil and has a really particular process of production : a fast transformation of the olives. The transformation has to be quick to keep the aromas and freshness of the olives without oxidation of the fruits. If the maturation starts the appellation becomes AOC Provence olive oil maturated with toast aromas, black olives and cooked purple artichokes.


AOC Provence, symbol of quality

As for wines or meat or vegetables, the AOC appellation is a symbol of quality and authenticity of a product that comes from a specific area. It is also a symbol of the products’terroir. The AOC Provence olive oil is made in a particular geographic zone which is ideal for the fruits because of the climate and the history of the region. Also the conditions of the oil production respect a specific design brief.


The moulin de Barbentane, award winner of the Concours Général Agricole

In 2017, during the Concours General Agricole, the Moulin was awarded several times : Gold Medal for the AOC Provence Olive Oil (Rocket salad, green apple or tomato leaves and green pepper aromas). The same year, the Huile de France oil (herbaceous and artichoke aromas) received the Silver Medal.

The Concours General of Paris rewards the best products of the French terroir. In 2017, with two medals for two different products, the concours rewarded the hard work of a passionate productor.