The Moulin de Barbentane is a mill located between St Remy de Provence and Avignon, owned by JROllier, where everything begins with the olives to make a 100% natural oil. Jean Roch cultivates and controls the growth of his own olive trees (7 hectares) to make the finest olive oil from Provence.

Everything begins on the tree…

The olive oils of the Moulin de Barbentane are made with olives from olive trees that grow under the Provencal sun. Jean-Roch controls and takes care of his trees so he can make the finest oil : “ Before you make olive oil, you have to know how a tree grows and what it needs.”. Jean-Roch knows all the olive trees’ secrets, and loves to share with others the passion he has for olives and olive trees.

From the harvest to the press

Two hours after the harvest, the olives are sent and pressed at the Moulin de Barbentane. After the harvest, the process of making the oil has to be quick : “ We can’t lose time, we have to keep the freshness of the fruits, the aromas, no oxidation, we have to work fast.”

Once arrived at the mill, the olives are weighted, washed then pressed. We obtain a paste. The paste is kneaded then put under centrifugation. During this process, liquids are separated from the solid parts of the paste. The solids parts called “Grignons” are kept to be used for the agricultural spreading. The liquids, water, oil and the “margines” (vegetation waters) are put again under centrifugation, in a vertical centrifuge. That is the process of separating the water and the oil. The oil is directly transferred in a tank.

Olive oils for the contributors

The Moulin de Barbentane welcomes every year around 1500 contributors. They are individuals or professionals that cultivate olive trees and bring the crops to the mill so they can use the installations to produce oil (They can bring 1kg to 30t). The contributors will come back to the mill days later to take back their cru. This is why the mill is now part of the local patrimony.

Jean-Roch Ollier was rewarded several times for the quality of his products. He loves to share his passion with the contributors and the customers. He loves discover finest food and he is really curious, that is why he puts his knowledge into products as the tapenade he makes or cosmetics. He always works keeping in mind that “the quality has to be the priority”..