Les bienfaits de l'huile d'olive pour la santé

It took years to scientifically proved  that the olive oil has numerous benefits on your health.


The composition of the olive oil

It is in the components of the olive oil that we can find the benefits of it on our health. Limpid, yellow or green or a little bit darker, depends on the maturation of the olives, the olive oil is composed by omega 9 or unsaturated fatty acids. The olive oil is also composed of polyunsaturated fats, omega 3 and omega 6. It is also composed by vitamins as E, D or K, and pro vitamin A.


The olive oil reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases

Composed by unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, the olive oil reduces the risk of heart attack or cardiovascular diseases. It contributes to the decrease of bas cholesterol in the blood, and controls the arterial tension.


The olive oil can help you fight against important diseases

The olive oil can fight against the aging of your cells with its antioxidant features (vitamins E, C and D and polyphenols). It brings oxygen to your cells so the cells can fight against important diseases such as cancer.


Olive oil : natural pain killer

Do you know that the olive oil can heal a headache? American scientists proved that the extra virgin olive oil has anti inflammatory features as strong as pain killers. This is possible thanks to one component : the oleocanthals.


L’huile d’olive facilite le transit intestinal

En accélérant les contractions de la vésicule et en stimulant la production de sels biliaires, l’huile d’olive est un parfait laxatif naturel. Contrairement à certaines autres huiles, elle n’engendre pas de carence vitaminique.


The olive oil facilitates the intestinal transit

The olive oil is a natural laxative because it accelerates the contractions of the vesicle and increases the production of biliary salts. The olive oil does not cause vitamin deficiency.


The olive oil : a youth source

The olive oil slows down the process of aging of your cells ( inside the body and the skin cells). The omega 9 stimulate the activities of the cells and the polyphenols are antioxidants which reinforce the bones by the attraction of the calcium and the vitamin D during digestion.